The Schmitz Pediatric Hearing Center in Bremen

The Schmitz Pediatric Hearing Center in Bremen provides children with hearing systems as early as possible, establishes a hearing diagnosis to facilitate the child’s learning and advises parents.

Any child with a hearing impairment, recognized by delayed or missing language development, for instance, can present to the center.

If the results of a child’s hearing screening are abnormal, we recommend an examination with a pediatric audiologist or ENT specialist because early action has to be taken so as not to miss out on the advantageous phases of language acquisition and to stimulate the development of the auditory system. This means that children with hearing impairments can learn how to enunciate words as their hearing develops, and thereby integrate more easily into the speaking and hearing world.

We specialize in fun hearing tests (audiometries) for children of all ages and can even perform hearing tests on babies and toddlers. Of course, we provide professional and extensive guidance for parents. We also initiate any necessary support measures that we or other specialists are able to provide. Moreover, the consulting service for parents is free-of-charge.

We work with:

  • ENT specialists and pediatricians
  • ENT hospitals
  • Speech therapists
  • Health offices and information centers
  • Other centers providing early support

Pediatric Hearing Center